Our 15,000 sq ft content production facility in Greenville, SC gives us an unprecedented ability to capture, craft and prototype ideas to scale on site. Our facility houses 3 unique stages, a custom designed industrial kitchen, and a fully equipped wood- and metalworking shop area. Along with our SISU C20 cinema robot, we house all the tools, equipment and gear to support any size production. We’re nimble enough to handle daily social content needs and robust enough to shoot large-scale broadcast, and we do it all in-house with our staff of DPs, designers, fabricators and stylists. Pair our facility and personnel with our post arm and ‘soup to nuts’ has never been more internalized.

The Workshop

  • 7,500 square feet with loading dock and drive-in access.
  • Metal fabrication, metal forging, metal foundry, metal sculpture, full wood shop
  • 6 In-House artisans that specialize in prop and rig building, food styling, production design, art direction and experiential design
An image of a welder in the workshop at Taylors MillAn image of a vintage sign on the wall at Taylors MillAn image of the mill workshopAn image of a set build at the mill


  • 6,500 square feet with a blackout stage and 20’X20’ molded corner cyc
  • Mobile set walls to quickly adapt
  • 208 3Phase 100AMP power
  • Concrete Floors
  • 14’ Ceilings
An image of a kitchen set design at the millA kitchen set designAn image on the set of a shoot at Taylors MillA custom experiential build for John DeereA set design built at the MillA clean, white kitchen set build at Taylors Mill


  • If you’ve ever seen a shot with camera motion so perfect that it seemed humanly impossible, it probably was. And it probably involved robots. Nothing does ‘precise’ better than robots, and our crew of operators, DPs and production designers are experts at building the perfect motion paths and making the content look beautiful.
  • Our SISU C20 cinema robot is versatile and mobile, allowing us to produce content on our own stage or on location. We specialize in tabletop food and beverage, CGI integration with our in-house motion team and visual engineering (droppers, launchers, pan/tilt heads, turntables, rigs and motors, etc).

Cyclorama Wall

  • 20’ x 20’ x 10’ molded corner infinity wall
  • Easy access staging behind the walls
  • Overhead grid
  • Easy vehicle access
  • Overhead power
On set demonstrating the white cyc wallMill Team Rigging EquipmentCamera Rig rotating around Havertys Couch
camera rig in front of Haverty's setProduction equipment on set

Commercial Kitchen

  • 400 square foot kitchen and prep space located adjacent to the stage
  • Blodgett Oven, commercial deep fryers, commercial mixer, flat top grill, commercial exhaust fan
  • 3-tub commercial sink with hot water and sprayer
  • 2 double-door commercial fridges, stainless steel tables, and quartz work area
  • Designed from scratch by our in-house food stylists
Food styling team in production space kitchenProduction kitchen spaceProduction kitchen spaceProduction kitchen area

Extensive Prop Inventory

  • 450 square foot prop storage area
  • Hundreds of plate options, flatware, kitchen appliances, linens, cutting boards
  • Modern, industrial design, mid-century modern furniture and lighting
An image of bowls and various dinnerwareAn image of various cabinet hardwareAn image of glasses in the mill prop libraryAn image of candlesticks in the mill prop closet

Other Taylors Mill Amenities

  • 13 Stripes Craft Brewery
  • Farehouse, a farm to table bistro
  • Taylors Crossfit
  • Blue Ox Axe Throwing
  • Vibrant creative community with over 80 artisans 
An image of the brewery at Taylors MillAn image of The Farehouse restaurant at the millAn image of the crossfit gym at Taylors MillAn image of the ax throwing facility at taylors mill